4 Steps to Help with Isolation Caused by Covid-19 using Tapping and Hypnosis

DAY 11

This is day 11 of my self- isolation and I must admit, some days have been very challenging indeed, however some wonderful things have also happened as well.

I had to cancel lots of the things to do with my business for awhile and felt sad for those business owners as they are suffering too, so I came up with a positive idea. to tell all of the wonderful people who have helped me with my business etc.

So when they asked “How was I?”  “I said that I’ve decided to go on a Sabbatical Journey until this thing, and I’m also not giving it any energy so I’m not mentioning its name, finishes. Then I’ll be back. Thank you so much for your amazing help in the past”. One said to me, “Jen it sounds a bit like you are climbing a mountain what a fabulous idea”. I replied “When I get to the bottom of the other side I will be back in touch”.

So I’d love to help you with some of the things that have helped me.

Here’s my story.

Day one

Being a very social person both work wise and in my private life, not a day goes by without me seeing someone or lots of people so when I decided to isolate and I meant it…I haven’t left home….I felt as if I had dropped deep into a depressed state.

So many fears went through my mind.

How can I cope financially?

How can I get my food and supplies? (I was fairly organised )

How can I cope without seeing friends and clients?

What if?

What if?

What if?

So, by 6pm night number one I started Tapping on my fear and all of the “What if’s”.

I decided the only way through this was that I made a plan and it was essential that I treat it as a ritual.

And that’s what I have done! Here I am on day 11 and feeling great!

Here are a few of my steps that may help you too.

1. Every morning I wake up at the same time. The funny thing is that I am waking up well before my alarm goes off. I meditate and breathe to set myself up for the day ahead. I get up and open the blinds and doors and windows letting the fresh air in and say good morning world! I throw my yoga mat down on the floor. Later when I go to exercise, I usually have to push Mr Darcy, my dog off first. It makes me laugh and laughter is so necessary especially right now.I then go to the kitchen and either have lemon, lime or apple cider vinegar in water and then another glass of water. Hydrating my body and mind. I found that as my daily patterns and life is changing, I wasn’t drinking enough water, so I now have a bottle next to me as I’m spending more time in my study.

2. I plan my meals. I decided there is no excuse not to be really healthy now, so I am juicing daily. My favourite juice is jam packed with nutrients. Its carrot, celery, beetroot, lime, cucumber, kale, English spinach, ginger and garlic. I have been so blessed that I can phone and order beautiful fresh vegetables from my local market and it has been delivered. The same with my butcher. It’s the first time I’ve ever bought 3 kilos of carrots at a time!I then shower and get dressed as if I’m going to work. Do my hair and makeup. Katresha, from The Pearl Laguna Beach, one of my wonderful friends, always says “ Always put your lippy on as you never know if you are going to have a date with destiny.” Mine will have to be online!

3. I have moved my computer into my study so that I have different spaces within my small home. I’ve always sat at a bench in the kitchen and worked from there. Now I’m working more effectively in my study then I get to have a change and go to the kitchen or living room or outside to enjoy some fresh air and tree energy.

4. I made a plan to check my finances and at nearly seventy three years old, I’ve made my first budget. I’ve cancelled lots of things to do with business to cut costs at this time as its unknown how long it will be.

So if you’ve got to the end I trust this helps you too!

As I’m on sabbatical I can’t see you face to face, however if you need help at all, I’m available by email, jennifer@alayahypnosis.com.au or phone on 0418 942 319, Facetime, Zoom and Skype.

Much love and light to you!



PS I’ve made a list of things that I have been putting off for years including finishing my book at last.