Stop Smoking With Hypnosis And Juices

Juices are an amazing help to heal the body and the mind!

They are a perfect way to help yourself while you are giving up smoking using hypnosis.

They cleanse the colon and help rid the body of toxins, through the process of elimination.

After having at least one or two shots of wheatgrass a day, I would then follow it with a large glass of my favorite juice combination, which is carrot, celery, beetroot and ginger.

I would have at least one if not two glasses of juice a day.

Watermelon juice is another favorite of mine, always very refreshing and cleansing for the mouth.

I was always taught to eat melon alone, and not to mix it with other fruit. It is a wonderfully alkaline food.

You may like to search the internet for other juice combinations.

There are so many delicious alternative ones to choose from.

Once you have a juicer its so easy to to make your own juice or if you live in a city or a town, you can find your local juice bar.

Wheatgrass is a wonderful green drink.

People often say”Oh but I am allergic to wheat and wheat products”.

In fact its the green grass that is juiced not the wheat itself.

However if unsure,then seek medical advice before trying.

You can easily grow your own tray on a window sill or in the sun. Search the internet for helpful instructions.

“The Wheat grass Book” by Ann Wigmore is a special read, on how to grow and use wheatgrass to maximise your health and vitality.

As the grass is so strong, you will need a special juicer or mincer. The grass needs to be crushed for the juice to be collected.

I am lucky and enjoy the taste of wheatgrass and can drink it down straight.

Some people hold their nose and throw it down their throat, others add it to their juice.

I was always taught to to take a sip, let it be absorbed into my mouth by swirling it around, then swallowing the remainder.

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