Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying is a very real and traumatic phobia, which really holds both children and adults back, from enjoying the wonderful freedom of enjoying travel and adventure.

It is especially challenging when it comes to requiring to fly for work commitments.

Over the many years I have helped so many clients release their terrible fear of flying and have been so pleased to hear of their amazing changes.

Some are parents with young children who just are so scared they will not fly! Their parents would love to show their children the wonders of the world and adventure.

I love this story!

One young client came to me as she had to fly to very remote areas with her work and often in small aircraft, which she was really afraid of.

She then moved to the East Coast and had to travel even further, however managed well which was great to hear.

A few years later she came back for another appointment and said its ok I’m not worried about flying at all.

She said she had a new hobby, skydiving, and she was a little fearful when it came to  jumping from the plane.

I most certainly didn’t put any suggestions there at all to suggest she might take up skydiving as a sport!

I did suggest, however, that maybe it was good to be a little wary, as she then would make sure all of her equipment was in order!


How many sessions will I need?

Often one session is enough. Sometimes others need more. I usually discuss this after your first session, however you will know.

Session one we talk for a while so that together we can find where the issues are.

Then we do the hypnotherapy part of the session, which is always a pleasant experience and you should leave feeling more relaxed and even excited about the prospects of flying.

I will also teach you a great phobia release and an easy self-hypnosis technique which is also on an MP3 that is included in your fee.

So don’t waste any more time! Phone or email me today on 0418 942 319 for an appointment which will change your life in so many ways.


Results may vary from client to client