Fertility, IVF and Hypnotherapy

Jennifer is a trained HypnoFertility® practitioner.

She has studied the programme developed by Lynsi Eastburn, Board Certified psychotherapist and hypnosis specialist in Colorado.

The mind is a very powerful tool, and during your hypnosis sessions Jennifer works with you to help align conscious and subconscious aspects of your mind.

This programme applies the powerful self-help tool of hypnotherapy to specifically address your relationship with your own fertility. Jennifer will teach you to accept your life exactly where it is at this present time and help you communicate to your inner self that you are doing everything to conceive, to the best of your ability.

You will gain skills to help you feel relaxed and calm during IVF procedures – giving your efforts the best chance of success.

Jennifer can help you feel positive and powerful and show you how to positively direct your thoughts and actions during your fertility journey.

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Results may vary from client to client.

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