Virtual Gastric Banding

Sheila Grange Programme

Alaya Hypnosis Perth Director Jennifer Burke was one of the first hypnotherapists personally trained by Sheila Granger, creator of the self-named revolutionary hypnotic weight loss programme. Jennifer offers the program in Perth and nationally via Zoom.

In addition to studying with Sheila Granger, Jennifer has trained with an array of leading practitioners specialising in this area. The Virtual Gastric Brand is a remarkable weight loss program individually tailored to weight loss needs.

At its core, Virtual Gastric Banding uses clinical hypnotherapy to help you conceptualise and mentally create a “virtual” gastric band. Accessing the inner power every individual possesses to initiate positive change in their life is key.

Alaya Hypnosis Perth has helped many Australians through Virtual Gastric Banding therapy. Our goal is always to provide empathetic hypnotherapy care via our programs that will translate to useful, transformative lifestyle tools.

So what is VGBT?

The Virtual Gastric Band is a non-surgical technique utilising the power of hypnosis. Clinical hypnotherapy encourages the brain to consider the stomach full; mind and body are trained to feel sated with smaller food servings.

In this way, your mind helps reduce appetite, thereby resetting eating habits and subliminal attitudes toward food. Adjusting mental perspective around dietary practices delivers very safe and predictable results.

To be clear, Virtual Gastric Banding is not a diet. We recognise diets often only work in the short-term. Our goal is to help you lose weight, but we are also focused on transforming your long-term relationship with food.

Virtual Gastric Band therapy allows you to eat what you want, but by changing thinking, encourages satisfaction with smaller portions. Instead of fending off a desire for more food, we want to help you reduce it.

Because it is not a diet, you are less inclined to feel deprived, miserable or hungry, key contributors to diet failure. As the Virtual Gastric Band negates these issues, you now have access to a long-term solution.

While the medical procedure reduces the stomach’s physical size and may achieve similar results, Virtual Gastric Band Therapy is risk-free, without hospitalisation, invasive surgery, and ongoing medical treatments.

Why not give this therapy a try? During your first visit, Jennifer will discuss what you’re looking to achieve, your dreams and goals. She’ll also teach you self-hypnosis so you have a great tool to use in the future.

Results may vary from client to client.

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Hi There! So glad you are interested. The wonderful Sheila Granger is in Perth next week and is conducting her seminar here. For the latest info and best advice email me and i will let you know the lastest!

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Here in Perth we are using Virtual Gastric Banding to help many people achieve their required weight with great success as well as encouraging a healthy eating plan. UK based hypnotherapist, Sheila Granger has helped literally hundreds of people in the UK to lose weight after conducting a trial which achieved a 95% success rate.…