Virtual Gastric Band Clinical Trials in Perth

Medical Clinical Trials

An international steering group is being formed to organise clinical trials.

In the meantime, being one of Sheila Grangers trained practitioners I have been invited to collect data that not only measures weight loss, but also the quality-of-life improvements of our clients.

The data collected will form the basis for ongoing research and trials into this area.

Since the trialled and proven effectiveness of the Virtual Gastric Band, Sheila Granger has made a personal crusade of making the system more and more available to more and more people.

She has spent a great deal of time over the last two years talking with medical practitioners, bringing to their attention this safe and viable method of weight loss.

Provisional arrangements are now underway for a pilot study to be carried out this October in the UK, together with the Humberside Obesity, Nutrition, Education and Innovation Centre.

The partners of this organisation include The University of Hull, Hull and York Medical School and several members of the pharmaceutical industry.