Stop Smoking with Hypnosis – Energy Boosts

In the early days of quitting smoking our blood sugar levels become low as the nicotine leaves the body.

This early drop in nicotine leads to a drop in our energy level.

Now is a good time to focus on the foods that can give you the boost your body needs.

Lemon is the Master Cleanser

People think lemon is acidic; however it is the most alkaline of all foods. Alkaline foods are the most gentle and kindest to our bodies.

I drink lemon juice first thing in the morning.

I use filtered water with freshly squeezed lemon juice; however lots of my friends enjoy lemon juice in a mug with hot water.

You may like to add a small amount of unprocessed honey.

What ever you do, try it!  It’s a great new habit to get into.

Green Smoothies

They are so delicious, quick and easy to make! My favorite is:

One banana broken and popped into a blender, two cups of filtered water, about half a mango, then two handfuls of washed English spinach. Blend until combined and smooth. then drink slowly.

It will make approximately three glasses.

Combinng just two fruits is desirable. I love the combination of banana and pear.

Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko of the Raw Family is a great resource.

Orange Juice

Orange juice is a wonderful pick-me-up!  It may help to eat a couple of oranges slices during the day or to have a couple of sips of pure orange juice in water which can also help you through this time.

Are there any foods you would recommend in the early days of quitting smoking?

What works for you when you need a sustainable energy burst?


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