Stop Smoking with “Parts Therapy”

Perth People! Do You Want To Stop Smoking?

Then you may be asking “What is “Parts Therapy”?

Its an therapy that works on resolving our our inner conflict.

Roy Hunter is a master of client centered parts therapy and an exert from his book “Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolutions” follows;

“Inner conflicts occur when we have two different parts of the subconscious pulling us in opposite directions. A smoker who is trying to quit, might have a strong emotional desire to quit in order to have more money to spend on recreational activities, but another part of the mind finds pleasure in lighting up after meals or at other times.

Every year countless numbers of smokers make New Year resolutions to Quit, only to find their resolutions literally going up in smoke. This is only one example of the many types of inner conflict experienced by clients.”

You may like to visit Roy Hunter’s Website for further info.

Roy Hunter MS FAPHP is also the best selling author of “The Art of Hypnosis” and “The Art of Hypnotherapy”


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