Walking The Cape To Cape in WA

Cape to Cape trackHave you ever thought about doing something special for yourself?


In April this year I did just that by completing the amazing Cape to Cape walk in Western Australia’s beautiful south west from Cape Naturalist to Cape Leeuwin.

The seven day trek was in fact at times more like an expedition.

Some days we climbed steep sand hills and rocky cliffs. We gazed down over equisite turquoise bays with dolphins swimming in them. One day we walked through a forest of giant gums.

On the walk we were serenaded with birdsong and spied on by the odd kangaroo hiding in the bushes. Sometimes we’d be surprised by kangaroos hopping out across our track.

Some days were much longer and harder than others, especially long 12kms stretches along soft beaches. Luckily a 4 wheel drive vehicle had been before us and at times I was able to walk in the remaining tyre tracks!

The smells were amazing and I will never forget them from the damp leafy forest, the salty ocean and the freshness of peppermint groves.

The weather was perfect. Blue skies and very little wind and just a gorgeous April temperature of around 22 degrees.

I chose to travel with Inspiration Outdoors, run by a lovely young, well organised couple, Simon and Emily.

We stayed in comfortable accommodation just out of Margaret River and it was great to be based in one place. This meant you only had to carry your lunch and water in a day pack.

Our days ended with a fabulous hot shower, a wonderful meal, glass of wine or two and a well earned sleep. Sometimes we’d be woken by little bandicoots tapping at the window.

Each morning we’d be up early for breakfast and then to pack our own lunches. Some days either Emily or Simon would meet us with a delicious lunch already prepared.Cape to Cape

They planned numerous surprises for us along the track at different times, including a yummy morning tea with Emily’s freshly baked scones, jam and cream at one of the early pioneer homesteads. Not to mention Simon dressed for the occasion.

Being a fifth generation West Australian on one side of my family and the united nations on the other, I do love the history of WA’s south west. It’s part of my own heritage.

I think those early pioneers were so brave and resourceful.

What an experience it was to reach Cape Leeuwin and what an unforgettable feeling it was to cross the finishing line together.

Its a great feeling to achieve or complete something. So now I’ve ticked that off “my bucket list”.

What’s next?

I wonder what wonderful adventures you are planning for yourself however big or small?

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