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Jennifer is one of Perth's leading hypnotherapists and is passionate about helping her clients achieve their desired goals and motivating them to live a healthier and happier life.

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Hi I'm Jennifer and I have worked in the healing industry for many decades, helping people achieve the best version of themselves & practicing hypnosis in Perth. I have helped many clients from all walks of life to achieve their health and wellness goals. Some of the areas that I specialise in are weight loss, virtual gastric banding, quit smoking, overcoming anxiety and depression, PTSD and other phobias, including fear of flying and public speaking.



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During you session Jennifer will teach you an easy self-hypnosis technique to help with anxiety. She will also teach you a very easy and fast tapping technique so that you are able to use these tools anywhere at all.

Jennifer is one of Perth's leading Master Clinical Hypnotherapists, Life Coach, Transformational Leaders and Reiki Master. She has been working with alternative therapies for many years, travelling the world to study with some of the most reputable people in the fields of hypnotherapy and wellness.

Jennifer has travelled to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand to study with Stephen Brooks and during this time completed a Diploma in Indirect Hypnosis, Eriksonian Hypnotherapy and Hypnotic Language with is a form of hypnotherapy developed in the US by Dr Milton Erickson.

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Based in Perth Western Australia, Jennifer regularly consults with clients around the world using hypnosis through Zoom.

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Results may vary from client to client.

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