5 tips for dealing with anxiety

anxiety can be managed using hypnotherapy

Anxiety can affect many of us, for all manner of different reasons, but not matter what triggers it, the results can be devastating to your health and wellbeing.

Hypnotherapy is a highly effective practice which can help people identify and manage their anxieties, especially around particularly stressful times of the year. In addition to this there are things that you can do yourself to help manage the stress associated with anxiety.  Amy Taylor from Natural Therapy for All offers six really helpful tips that can help you manage anxiety during highly stressful moments and I’d like to share them with you…

Stop thinking too much.

Don’t always assume that people are judging you, or even focused on you alone. We are often caught up with our first-impression worries that people are probably not noticing you as much as you think they are. If going to a party or meeting is making you anxious, make an effort to take yourself out of the equation and try to focus on what’s in front of you—the purpose of being there.

Tune in to your body.

Mentally tune in to your body and assess how stress is affecting you. Is it causing ‘butterflies in your stomach’? Is it causing you headache and back pain? Is it making breathing difficult? After realising where does stress and anxiety attacks your body, you can do something to ease the discomfort.

Realise that it’s not just you.

You may feel like you’re the only one who gets anxious. But in reality, there are many others who deal with anxiety. That means if you’re in some type of gathering, perhaps a meeting for example, chances are there will be other people around you who are uncomfortable. Knowing this can make you feel calmer and more relaxed.

Breathe deeply.

Take a 5-minute break and focus on your breathing. Sit up straight, close your eyes, and place your hands on your belly. Slowly inhale through your nose. Feel as the breath start in your abdomen and work its way to the top of your head. Reverse the process as you exhale through your mouth. This very simple trick can do great wonders.

Reach out.

Seeking social support is one of the best ways to handle stress and anxiety. Talk to your best friend, sibling, partner or anyone else you’re comfortable with. Share what’s going on. You can get a fresh perspective, and at the same time, keep your social connection strong.

Be present.

Lastly, focus on the present moment. Avoid ruminating or worrying about the possible bad things that could happen. Practise mindfulness and make it a part of your daily routine. Over time, you will be amazed of how this mind-body exercise can keep prevent anxiety or stress from ruining your life.

If you regularly practice these six simple strategies you will find that your anxieties will be more manageable and you will feel more in control of your life. Feel free to contact me to discuss how hypnotherapy can help you identify and manage your anxieties so that you can be free to live the life that you deserve.anxiety can be managed using hypnotherapy

Results may vary from client to client.

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