“Change, Anxiety and how Hypnotherapy can keep you focused”.

turtle inspires me to stay focussed on hypnotherapy at Alaya Hypnosis

Nothing changes if nothing changes!

A few weeks ago I was forced into changing my work place. The Doctors were relocating and decided to close the lovely “old clinic”.

Even though I had been given plenty of notice, like most people, change had bought up some new and uncomfortable feelings deep inside of me. I guess you could call it anxiety.  So a couple of weeks ago I was given a wonderful opportunity to work from a new clinic in Shenton Park. I decided to trial it for two weeks to make sure it was just the right place before I committed myself long term. The people were all lovely and it was in a great location, however there were no real windows or a view, which I had been used to from the old clinic. There was only one high fixed-glass window, which let light in from the kitchen next to the passage.

I was feeling very tired and closed in. Trapped, in fact! I am the sort of person who needs to be connected to nature, even if it’s through a window.

Lunchtime came and I decided to buy a delicious sandwich and a coffee from the café next door and go outside for some sunshine. So I headed off to the park a short stroll away knowing I had forty five minutes to refresh myself before heading back to my first client. I found a picnic table and a bench and sat, soaked up the sun and ate my lunch. The weather was glorious, even though it had been raining and a storm was promised for later.

I sat and watched.

There were people walking around the lake, mothers and babies in prams, toddlers playing in the playground, a man on a motorised gopher and a few strolling couples. Everyone was enjoying themselves in their own way.

I was intrigued by the different birds that gathered around my feet for stray crumbs.

Then across the lawn I noticed a strange thing coming out of the reeds. At first I thought it was a snake and prepared to run, but as it approached I realised it was a long-necked turtle making its way ponderously up the sloping, grassy hill. It looked almost painful the way it thrusted slowly forward, although I was certain it knew exactly where it was going.

It eventually came to a huge Morten Bay Fig tree and instead of going around the large nobly roots it actually climbed purposefully over each one, falling to the ground on the other side. This turtle was so focused in getting to where it was going. It was very determined and just kept on going.

I got up and wandered closer to have a good look at this amazing turtle. No one else noticed it until I called a little girl over to watch. She really was more interested in the playground, however her mother decided to be on guard as it was heading towards the road.

The turtle finally reached the road, dropped down in an awkward way and then continued on its way under a parked car, across the road, up over the curb, across the sandy verge, the footpath and then finally into the garden of a nearby house. The leafy jungle garden was full of nasturtiums, their large green leaves looking like a sea of umbrellas. I noticed a few crows watching and was glad that she’d found a safe place to lay her eggs. I wondered how she would negotiate the long journey back to the lake with her precious babies.

She seemed to know exactly where she was going and was so focused on her task which I admired so much.

She inspired me to be like her, to stay focused, and to make that focus a part of everything I do. I learned from that turtle that if you stay focused, at the end of every day you will know that you have made the most of that day.

Keep focused on your health and wellbeing.
Learn to fill your life with joy and happiness.

Just breathe!

Jennifer x

Results may vary from client to client.

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