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Meditate to focus energy

I’ve spoken before about Dr Joe Dispenza, a lecturer, writer, researcher and teacher who through his lessons and books has helped unlock for thousands of people the mysteries of the brain – how to rewire the brain and condition the body to make positive and lasting changes in their lives.

I recently wrote about his work with yoga and rewiring the brain in this post.

Dr Joe’s work centres around the idea that for us to be able to make the changes we desire in life we need to learn to let go of the material world, disconnect from reality, and focus our energy inwards. This new way of thinking, he says, will allow us to connect to the “unified field of energy” all through the power of thought and through this be able to work towards a healthier mind and body and a more fulfilled and successful life.

I mention this because one of Dr Joe’s techniques involves meditation in order to change your thoughts to help you connect to the future you desire. Along with meditation, hypnotherapy can help you with this, as it allows you to connect with the deeper parts of your mind and the negative thoughts that may be holding you back, or creating those behaviours that are affecting your health and fulfilment with life.

If you want to find out more about Dr Joe’s work and how it can help you, he has a set of mini-courses that are designed to help you get closer to that future you desire.


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