Five ideas for a healthy life and using hypnotherapy to help you!

How to live a healthier life using hypnotherapy

As a hypnotherapist I work closely with my clients, helping them to lose weight, deal with anxiety, stress and depression and generally helping them feel better about themselves.

I recently came across this wonderful quote from William Londen, which really resonated with me – I thought I’d share his five ideas to better health so that you can be inspired as well:

“To insure good health”

  • Eat lightly
  • Breathe deeply
  • Live moderately
  • Cultivate cheerfulness
  • Maintain an interest in life.

~ William Londen

I decided to look further into who the inspirational man was but the only information that I could find was that he was French. He loved nature and planting gardens, and didn’t believe in killing animals or bugs – generally a nature loving man!

I think he and I have a lot in common, because these are the things that I use as suggestions to help my clients, and they really work.

If you know more about William Londen then please email me as I would love to know more!




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