Quit Smoking using Hypnosis – Part Four – Body, Face Scrubs and Pampering

Massages are great for detoxing and relaxing when you are quitting smoking using hypnosis

Body, Face Scrubs and Pampering

The skin is the largest organ in the body and the sooner the nicotine is eliminated from our body the better we begin to feel.

It’s really important that  you look after every part of your body during your quit smoking journey so I’ve put together some some effective (and indulgent!) ideas to help cleanse and detox your body  during this difficult time.

  • A scrub is highly recommend for both men and women, as it removes the dead cells on our skin. The wheatgrass leftovers from juicing make a great body and face scrub. Just rub, leave for awhile, then shower, removing the scrub.
  • Make a quick and easy body scrub by mixing sea salt and olive oil. Just rub and scrub all over the body then soak in a delicious bath or shower off.
  • Body scrub daily with a loofer in the shower or dry brush to get rid of those old built-up dead cells on the skin.
  • Massage is incredible as it helps with the deep release of toxins and relaxes the body and the mind at the same time.
  • Saunas and steam rooms help to relax the body and quieten the mind and as well as assisting with the cleansing or detox process. Remember to drink more water during your steam or sauna.

I really believe it’s so important to spoil yourself at this difficult time, that special pampering will not only help the cleansing process but will help keep you focussed and feel like a well-deserved reward for all that hard work.

Indulge yourself!

Katresha's oils are great for cleansing the skin while you quit smoking using hypnotherapy

I can highly recommend a wonderful, natural, face scrub by Katresha’s Oils and Crèmes. Just apply to the face with the finger tips and massage into the face and neck. As Katresha’s Scrub has also been designed as a mask as well, just leave for 20 minutes then rinse off, leaving a lovely fresh feeling to your skin.

Katresha’s other skin care products are natural and wonderful.
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Happy pampering!


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