Unlock your potential with hypnotherapy!

Athletes, business performance, musicians - all can be helped to perform at a more optimal level using hypnotherapy in perth

By making positive changes in thoughts and behaviours, hypnotherapy can help optimise performance.

A relatively new technique to unlock your potential is Hypnotherapy.  Hypnosis has been used for centuries to help people overcome a wide range of issues such as anxiety, depression, and phobias, but in recent years, hypnotherapy and hypnosis has gained popularity as a tool to optimise your performance in your chosen field, whether it be sports, music, business or whatever it is you love doing. Athletes, musicians, and business professionals alike are constantly looking for ways to improve their performance, and hypnosis has proven to be achieving this. Through the use of hypnosis, individuals access their subconscious mind and make positive thought changes and behaviours.

Athletes – Unlock Your Potential!

I’ve worked with some amazing athletes over the years including an Ironman who was extremely fit. One marathon client felt overwhelmed when going into the water in the swimming section of the race with all of the swimmers splashing and arms and legs hitting her. I suggested in our hypnosis session that there would be a clear pathway every time she raced into the ocean. She phoned me after and said how it happened just like that and her race time greatly improved.

Another client was about to swim the English Chanel and was worried as the water was so cold even though she would cover her body with Lanoline. Most swimmers are told to put on lots of weight before doing the crossing however this client was very into health and wellness and just couldn’t put on the weight. During our sessions together I suggested she imagined swimming with a delicious pink warm bubble around her. She loved dolphins and I also suggested she would have dolphins swimming alongside her keeping her safe as she swam near those huge ocean liners and boats while swimming the crossing.

She sent me an exciting message to say she had completed the swim and how the crew on her boat had seen dolphins swimming alongside her.

I have also had young clients who were excellent soccer, football, tennis etc players who were just looking for something to unlock their potential to give them that extra edge.

Positive Thought Changes

In sports, unlocking your potential with hypnosis can help athletes overcome mental blocks and improve focus and concentration. Many athletes struggle with nerves or anxiety before a big game or competition, which can negatively impact their performance. Hypnosis can help athletes manage their nerves and anxiety and stay focused on their performance.

Additionally, hypnosis can help athletes improve their technique and muscle memory. By accessing their subconscious mind, athletes can visualise themselves performing at their best, which can help them improve their muscle memory and technique. This can lead to better performance and a competitive edge.


Optimise Your Performance

Similarly, musicians can also unlock their potential with hypnosis in a variety of ways. Many musicians struggle with performance anxiety, which can negatively impact their ability to play or sing. Hypnosis can help musicians manage their anxiety and stay focused on their performance.

Hypnosis can also help musicians improve their technique and creativity. By accessing their subconscious mind, musicians can visualise themselves playing or composing at their best, which can help them improve their skills and create new and innovative music, with these positive thought changes.

Business Professionals

Finally, business professionals can benefit from hypnosis to improve their performance. Many professionals struggle with stress and anxiety, which can negatively impact their productivity and performance. Hypnosis can help professionals manage their stress and anxiety and stay focused on their work.

Unlock Your Potential with Hypnotherapy

Additionally, hypnosis can help professionals improve their confidence and communication skills. By accessing their subconscious mind, professionals can visualise themselves speaking confidently and communicating effectively, which can lead to better relationships with clients and colleagues.

Overall, hypnosis is a valuable tool for individuals looking to improve their performance in sports, music, or business. However, it’s important to note that hypnosis should only be performed by a trained and licensed hypnotherapist.

If you’re interested in using hypnosis to improve your performance, it’s important to find a reputable hypnotherapist who has experience working with athletes, musicians, or business professionals. In my South Perth hypnotherapy practice, and Australia-wide via Zoom, I have helped many people overcome anxieties and fears associated with their professional performance.

By accessing the subconscious mind, I can help you make positive changes in your thoughts and behaviours, which can lead to improved performance and a competitive edge.

If you’re looking to improve your performance you may like to consider self hypnosis as its a very valuable tool. For hypnosis in South Perth, Perth or Australia-wide via zoom, call me on 0418 942 319.

Love Jen xx

Disclaimer: Results may vary from client to client