Walking and Weight Loss

I’ve just read a great article from one of my favourite fitness bloggers, David Beard of Lifelong Fitness called “Staying Sharp”.

David’s posts are full of useful information about fitness and weight loss. In this post he recommends the use of Nordic Poles for walking.

I have been walking with Nordic Poles since January and have found walking so much easier on my knees, especially when walking in soft sand at the beach.

Poles really help with an upper body workout and I walk faster and feel more secure on rough terrain.

Here’s one of David’s tips on Nordic poles.

Use Nordic poles

Using walking poles gets your upper body muscles involved. This increases the aerobic demands of your workout, meaning the heart and lungs have to work harder to supply oxygen to more muscles. Hand weights theoretically do the same but not if you just hold them without moving your arms much. I’d recommend poles over weights as they encourage you to use your arms more. Poles also take some of the stress off of knees when walking downhill.” David Beard

David has a fitness consultancy in Subiaco, here are some more details on how to find him.

You’ll find David at:
David Beard
Lifelong Fitness
122 Barker Road, Subiaco 6008
Western Australia
Phone: 0419 907 432
E-mail: david@lifelongfitness.info
Web: www.lifelongfitness.net

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