Chia Seeds for a Weight Loss Breakfast

By Jennifer Burke / 20/07/2011 / Comments Off on Chia Seeds for a Weight Loss Breakfast

I have recently discovered a very quick, delicious and nutritious breakfast, using Chia seeds. You may ask what are Chia seeds and why are they so good? Well let me tell you what I have recently learnt. WHAT ARE CHIA SEEDS? They are from the Salvia plant and are mainly grown in Kununurra in the…

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Weight Loss with Quantum Healing Hypnosis

By Jennifer Burke / 03/07/2011 / Comments Off on Weight Loss with Quantum Healing Hypnosis

I was extremely fortunate to have studied Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy with Dolores Cannon a few years ago. Since then I’ve applied this learning and  seen my clients experience wonderful results. Dolores Cannon was a past-life regressionist and hypnotherapist who specialised in the recovery of “lost knowledge” to facilitate healing and closure. She has written…

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Should I Try Hypnosis for Weight Loss?

By Jennifer Burke / 26/06/2011 / Comments Off on Should I Try Hypnosis for Weight Loss?

Worth a try! Did you know that weight loss is one of the three major problems in the world, according to Bob Proctor, a great motivational speaker? The other two problems are finances or lack of money and relationships. On Persistence Here is an exert from Thomas Edison and some words of wisdom from Bob…

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Superfoods for Weight Loss!

By Jennifer Burke / 12/06/2011 / Comments Off on Superfoods for Weight Loss!

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing the benefits of some of the wonderful natural “Superfoods” that can really assist you in your weight loss! A few weeks ago, on a gorgeous sunny Perth winters day, a few of us went to the Swan Valley, one of the our wine regions, for a…

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