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Setting goals for 2022


The end of the year is almost upon us once again!  It is time to think about setting goals for the coming year and to question, whether I have achieved my goals from last year as well.  I will also be reviewing the goals that I set this time last year. This year I find there are two that I haven’t achieved, however, I still have time to make a start on those few and look towards the new year positively.

Remember though, you do not have to wait till the end of year to set your goals.  It can be done at any time of the year.  I was first introduced to the power of goal setting by Brian Tracy. He states in his blog that “Setting priorities is one of the most important skills to master in order to achieve success in life.”  He also says, which I like, “It doesn’t matter where you are coming from.  All that really matters is where you are going.”  So identifying and setting your goals is really important. You can get some useful ideas from his website, or feel free to contact me and I am happy to help you with it.

Lots of people have resistance around setting goals and writing them down, however it is important to remember that far from being daunting, it is a really positive and powerful way of taking control over your life so you can be your very best.

How do I Begin?

I find that if I start with long-term goals — five years, then four and down to one — then break it down into smaller and smaller time frames until I am looking towards the weeks and days ahead, I can really focus on the right goals and put them into a programme that I feel I can easily control.

Let me explain how I tackle setting goals and how it helps me to achieve what is important in my life.

I realised to my shock that in five years time I will be 79 years old and so it was clear to me that at this stage of my life, my health is my number one goal. And of course, my health is inescapably connected to not only my own physical and mental wellbeing, but also the relationships I have with those family and friends who are important to me.

Following my health I was able to see that my home — my living space — is extremely important to me and thus I can plan a maintenance program that will ensure that I am on top of keeping this precious space in order.

And finally, my work.

Set Your goals, Make Time to Gain Time

I love what I do and an important goal is to make sure I have the time to develop and maintain my skills so I can share my knowledge and give back to my community.

I came across these words from Brendon Burchard that I think you will find helpful and be motivated to include them into your daily life.

6 Empowering Things To Do Every Day

1. What can I choose to get excited about today?
2. Who needs me to do my best today?
3. What are my 3 main priorities today?
4. What might stress me out today? How would my
best self, handle that if it happens?
5. What’s something nice I could do for someone
6. If I were my own life coach or architect of my life,
what would I tell myself today to remember or do?

~ Brendan Burchard

Happy goal setting!

Jen x

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